Rick Showalter

Making the ʻpocketʼ deep, where people more than hear it -- they feel it. As the bassist, Ricky is at the center of the our sound. He knows how unique the bass parts are in the music of the Beatles, the Motown catalogue, Sly and the Family Stone, where the playing has become a characteristic of the song. The craft of ʻlearning stylesʼ is requisite for a musician to be in the NKB. You can check Rickyʼs playing out with Grammy nominated funk/jazz/hip hop super-group, Liquid Soul.

Gina Bloom

Gina is a fantastic, Soul/Standards/R&B singer. Whether bringing the Etta James classic ʻAt Lastʼ to the slow dance, or getting the dance floor going with a Rihanna hit, she makes you believe in the power of great music! Nick saw her perform with her incredible band, The Congregation, performing all original music at Metro and knew then what a great fit for the NKB sheʼd be. And that she is.


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